Benning to Gordon Relay benefits Fort Gordon Fisher House

By: Tiziana Onstead
March 12, 2017

The runners in the Benning to Gordon relay finally reached the finish line yesterday.
It started in Columbus, Ga on Thursday and ended around 2:15 p.m. yesterday afternoon at the Fort Gordon Fisher House.

Ray Miller is one of the eight runners who ran across the state in the relay. He said they all enjoy running, but they aren't doing this for themselves, 

"We just want to make sure that we understand the importance of the men and women putting their lives on the line and protecting us so you and I can stand out here on a Sunday afternoon," Miller said.

The relay raises money and awareness for the Fort Gordon Fisher House.
The Fisher House is a worldwide foundation that provides families of active military and veterans a home near the hospital their loved ones are being treated at.

The race has been held the last four years, but Miller said in the last four days days, they saw all four seasons.

"Thursday it was obviously really, really warm," Miller said. "We had sun screen and caps."

11-year-old River Lane ran and he said the last day of the relay wasn't such breeze.

"The hardest part about this run was the rain, the wind, and how chilly it was," Lane said

This was Lane's second year running. He was the youngest of the group, but Lane said he helped push them to the finishline.

"I just like to run because I have the energy, and I believe that I can do it," Lane said

Miller said they may be sore afterwards, but the relay is worth it.

"We are going to be a little uncomfortable for four days, but there are some people over here in Eisenhower Medical Center and people in various places around the world serving us and they're gonna be uncomfortable for the rest of their lives, Miller said. "We know it may seem a little uncomfortable, but we know definitely in the long-haul it's nothing compared to what our servicemen and women are doing."