2021 Volunteer of the Year

You know that person who just always shows up? There is something to be said about Master Sergeant Trevor Christie. First off; he is the Material Management Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge for the 109th Air Control Squadron, Utah Air National Guard, Roland R. Wright Air National Guard Base. On top of his military duty, he works full-time and spends the rest of his time volunteering at Fisher House.

Trevor started at our Fisher House in August 2016. He has come almost every Friday, on his one day off, since then. He has given about 800 hours to serving our families and our staff. He does anything and everything; especially the physically demanding aspects that we need help with. My most favorite thing about Trevor is that no job is beneath him. As long as it is helpful to our veterans and their families, he is the first to show up. He is the first person at the door greeting our guests and asking them if he can carry their luggage or the first to ask the housekeepers if he can help them clean up the big mess that was left. He was the only volunteer emailing me each week during COVID to see when he could come back. Trevor likes to be busy. On light days at Fisher House, he also helps transport veterans around campus all the while coming and checking in on us every hour. He shows up. He always shows up.

Above and Beyond

When I think of Trevor, I think of him as one of the most selfless men I have ever known. I will never forget that traumatizing day when Trevor was a true hero and again showed up when we needed him. He and I were in the office, and we heard a guest screaming for help. He bolted out of that office so fast that I didn’t even have time to respond. We ran to the bedroom and found the veteran lying face down on the floor and his wife sitting on the bed, screaming and crying. Trevor fell to the floor to check his breathing. The veteran was gurgling and turning purple. Trevor immediately turned him over and started CPR while I activated emergency response. For some reason, that day, EMS took an exceptionally long time to get there, and Trevor never stopped doing CPR, despite the veteran not responding. He was determined to keep trying until EMS got there and continued the efforts. We watched together, as EMS finally called it, our faces white and defeated. We both sat with his wife as they lay a white sheet over the veteran in our hallway. Trevor showed up that day in a big way, not only for me but for the veteran’s spouse.

I was afraid this emotional event would stop Trevor from coming. I think for many it would have. But he continued to show up, even though it was difficult for him to walk through our doors and be reminded of losing a fellow veteran that he tried so hard to save. He continued to be there for our families and for our home. He was presented with an I-CARE award from our VA leadership for his bravery and heroism that day. He is a true hero in so many ways. Being little in stature, there are many physical tasks I cannot do. But I know I can count on Trevor to help me. He is a man who always shows up, and I could not be more honored to nominate him.