2018 Winners


 Unit Reunion Program

Warrior Reunion Foundation, Cockeysville, MD

Warrior Reunion Foundation supports combat veterans in overcoming the challenges of post-military transition by reconnecting those who served together overseas. We challenge stigma through shared experience, rebuilding essential peer support networks that enable our veterans to live with meaning, purpose and positive impact in their communities. In just over one year of operation Warrior Reunion Foundation has provided seven reunions to units of military veterans who deployed to combat together. During the course of these seven reunions we have served over 300 combat veterans, as well as multiple Gold Star families who attended reunions alongside those who served with their loved one. For more information, contact James Ferguson (james@warriorreunionfoundation.org) or visit www.warriorreunionfoundation.org.  


$37,500 AWARDS: 

Educating Our Veterans to Become Software Developers

Code Platoon, Chicago, IL

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Code Platoon provides software coding training to help local veterans and military spouses find meaningful careers as professional software developers. Each student is eligible to apply for scholarships or use their GI Bill benefits, making this career path affordable and attainable. The program consists of 8-12 students per class who spend 60-80 hours a week together for 14 weeks. Instruction is a carefully curated mix of lectures, advanced coding training in Python and JavaScript, and team projects, frequently culminating in a local paid internship. For more information, contact Rodrigo Levy (rod@codeplatoon.org) or visit www.codeplatoon.org.  


Veteran’s Dental Program

WV Health Right, Inc., Charleston, WV

 West Virginia Health Right, Inc. provides free dental care, including preventative cleanings, exams, fillings, extractions and dentures, to low-income West Virginia Veterans without dental coverage.  The program funded by this grant will utilize a mobile dental clinic that travels to 6 rural counties of the state and the onsite dental clinic at their main office to treat 500 Veterans in need. For more information, contact Angie Settle (asettle@wvhealthright.org) or visit www.wvhealthright.org.  


Clinic Sessions

Healing Warriors Program, Fort Collins, CO 

Healing Warriors Program clinic opened in July 2013 and has provided over 11,000 non-opioid pain and trauma clinic sessions, treating over 1,200 service members and their spouses, partners and parents.  Many of the veterans we see at Healing Warriors Program clinic have been living in pain for so long that their sense of hope is worn down, placing many at risk for suicide.  By using therapies that support healing, relief from pain, improved sleep and focus, the service member is able to find restoration for their quality of life.  Our mission to provide non-narcotic, integrative treatment, is critical at a time when many veterans are transitioning from opioid pain management and need help with the burden of injury. We are a Registered VA Vendor and a Guidestar Platinum Star participant charity. For more information, contact Ana Yelen (info@healingwarriorsprogram.org) or visit www.healingwarriorsprogram.org.  


Fresh Start Program

Vets on Track Foundation, Inc., Garrisonville, VA

The Vets on Track Foundation furnishes homes for veterans and their families who have been placed into permanent housing from living on the streets or in a shelter.  From sofas, beds, dining room tables and chairs, to dishes, silverware, and pictures for the wall, to throw pillows and blankets, our volunteers work to turn every house into a warm and loving home. Through our mission, we are able to complete the circle of support, which is needed to end veteran homelessness. For more information, contact Rick Ecker (rick@vettrack.org) or visit www.vettrack.org.