Veterans Day Message from Ken Fisher

By: Ken Fisher, Chairman & CEO, Fisher House Foundation
November 8, 2013

This is a sacred day.

Veterans Day, too often confused with sales at the mega mall, is our opportunity to honor the heroes who walk among us.

They don't wear capes or leap tall buildings, like in comic books.

They don't attract attention to themselves, instead treading humbly, as they take their children to school, commute to their jobs, or worship with their families.

They are woven into the fabric of our communities in the most inconspicuous of ways, despite what they have done in the name of freedom.

Our veterans are shining examples of courage, commitment and love of country and their fellow citizens.

Whether they are the members of "The Greatest Generation" of World War II, the men of Vietnam and Korea, or the younger warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan, they share a deep appreciation for the rights and the values that make our country great.

So much so, they have risked their lives to defend it. They stepped forward, and shouldered a burden so the rest of us didn't have to. It is a call that, today, less than 1% of our citizens answer.

Many have lost a friend along the path. Some bear the physical, mental and emotional scars of walking into battle.

Their sacrifices go unnoticed most days of the year. Their medals rarely see the light of day.

Today, we stop to recognize their sacrifice and service. We also honor their families and their loved ones for what they have done.

We are a grateful nation, indebted to our men and women who have worn our country's uniform, carried our flag, and kept us from harm.

We salute them and we thank them.