Lend a hand, it's appreciated! Volunteers provide much needed assistance to our military families and veterans.

Assist at a Local Fisher House

Please contact your area Fisher House manager: Current Houses

At our Fisher Houses, volunteer opportunities include: bringing in meals and snacks for residents, helping with general housekeeping chores, organizing goods drives such as paper product drives, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, etc. Also, there are often young mothers and fathers in the homes who may feel overwhelmed, our volunteers offer babysitting services and help play with the children to give the parents a break and some quiet time.

During the holidays we often have volunteers who will help with decorating, children's toy drives, and gifts for those staying at the home through the holidays.

Some Fisher Houses have a ‘wish list’ of items that the manager would like to add and/or replace in the house. These wish lists have included large items such as children’s backyard play sets, barbeque grills, laptop computers for each room, outdoor tables and chairs, as well as smaller items such as books, DVDs, and small appliances.

We also welcome volunteers to tend to the gardens surrounding the house. Although the homes and landscape are maintained by the military base and the Veterans Administration, both are limited in offering enhancements to the landscape. Our volunteers often step in and plant the seasonal flowers and shrubbery to make the homes an even more inviting environment.